Friday, March 17, 2017

Elo Boost League

League boosting is our most popular option in League of Legends boosts. Simply select the division which you desire and we'll make sure you get there as fast as possible. The more divisions you order at once, the faster we can get you there. This is because you will obtain more LP while on a winning streak. On top of that, when you order a boost of over 3 divisions, we’ll give you a discount!

Some League of Legends players don’t want all the work done for them. They want to get right into the action side by side with one of our Master or Challenger players. Even if you require some help to be able to rise in divisions, we guarantee incredible win rates. The amazing thing is that you can learn from our top quality players to become an insanely strong player yourself!

Our League of Legends Accounts and Smurfs come with a life time insurance and support! The accounts provided are absolutely safe to use and come with an unverified email. If there is any damage done to the account by other parties but yourself, We are willing to provide a 100% free replacement   do not sell any botted / botted IP accounts as they have close to 99% ban chance. We sell only legit, hand leveled accounts!